Pokiri Collection Records

Super star Mahesh Babu Pokiri movie records:

*Pokiri celebrated 175 days in 63 centres and 100 days in 200 centres which is an "All India National Record".

*Pokiri collected a of net gross of 66.50 crores and a net share of 48.285 crores which is highest ever collected by a South Indian film followed by Rajinkant's 'chandramuki' which managed a gross of 50 crores.

*Pokiri occupies the second place in All Indian Top Grossers ever, falling short of the highest grosser Gaddar by just 3.50 crores which collected 70 crores.

*When it comes to net share 'Pokir' ranks first among all the Indian films beating Gaddar by 3.185 crores. Gaddar managed a share of 45.1crores where as 'Pokiri' got a net share of 48.285crores.

* Pokiri not only ranks second in th top Indian film grossers but also it is the first and only South Indian film so far to make entry into awe-inspiring top 5 Indian film grosses. Another South Indian film Rajinkant's 'Chandramukhi' got satisfied with tenth place.

* Though there are ten films in top ten Indian film grossers list, only six are verdicted as All Time Block Buster depending on the amount they collected and the year they got released. 'Pokiri' stands out to be the one and only South Indian film that is verdicted as All Time Block Buster.

* Usually all National Records are created in Cities. But 'Pokiri', unbelievabily, created an uniqe National Record at Town. Due to the undying public demand, the movie was screened 5 times per day for 200 days with 1005 shows at jayasayam theatre. This is a National Record set by 'Pokiri'. (note: the first two days wen the movie got released it was screened more than five shows and as a resulted ended up with 1005 shows in 200 days.)

* Presently, 'Pokiri' is running towards 365 days in Bhageeeratha dts theatre at Kurnool. Earlier 'Premabishekam' is the only film in Telugu film history to run for 365 days in a single theatre without shift. If 'Pokiri' reaches there it will remain as an unbelievable acheivement keeping current generation market in mind. Keep going 'Pokiri'..

* Pokiri ran for 175 days in 2 theatres, 100 days in 17 theatres, and 50 days in 19 theatres. No other movie managed 175 days for more than one theatre at Hyd. As a result Mahesh will remain in the history as the first hero to have silverjubilee at 2 theatres at Hyderabad at the same time, with the same movie. Even in 100days and 50 days theatres numbers it occupies the first place.

* Mahesh is the only hero with 5 Silver Jubilees at Hyderabd City (Murari -1, Okkadu -1, Athadu -1, Pokiri -2) after NTR and ANR.

* Pokiri collected State Single theatre highest gross of 1.61+ crores in Sudarshan 35mm alone in Hyderabad. This is the highest single theatre gross not only for Hyderabad but also for the entire AP State.

* Pokiri is also the first and only movie so far at Hyderabd to collect 1+crores in 3 theatres at Hyderabad. The three theatres are Sudharshan 35mm, Mega and Viswanath. Prasads fell short of 1crore figure just by 2lakhs which collected 98+lakhs. No other film collected 1+ crored for more than one theatre at Hyd. The power of Mahesh is proved here once again.

*In fact Mahesh has 4 movies so far that crossed 1+ crores in Sudharshan alone. The four movies are Murari, Okkadu, Athadu and Pokiri.

*Pokiri is also the only telugu film to have created theatre records at 4 states other than Andhra Pradesh. The four states are Tamil Nadu(Chennai), Karnataka(Bangalore), Orissa(Sholapoor), Maharashtra(Mumbai).

Out of top 6 highest grossers at Hyderabad, 3 films belong to our Super Star Mahesh Babu revealing the stamina of Mahesh's movie at Hyderabad. The three films are Pokiri, Okkadu and Murari. See the table below:

Telugu Top Gross Collection movies in a single Theatre:

1 Pokiri in Sudarsan Theatre ----189 days ........1 crore 63 lakhs

2 Okkadu in Sudarsan Theatre -----177 days ........1 crore 58 lakhs

3 Khushi in Sandhya Theatre -----160 days.........1 crore 46 lakhs

4 Aarya in Sudarsan Theatre -------140 days ..........1 crore 34 lakhs

5 Nuvve in Kavali Odeon Theatre -------266 days..........1 crore 33 lakhs

6 Murari in Sudarsan Theatre ----175 days...........1 crore 20 lakhs